Dawn of the Plow achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Rapid Removal

Plow 15 mounds in 10 seconds

Wrap Master

Plow a mound in each corner in 10 seconds


Honk at 10 consecutive cars

A Moment's Rest

Clear roads after 2 and a half minutes of play

Worth Your Salt

Melt 40 units of snow with one salt cannon

Small Town Hero

Get 50 points on a small board


Get 15 consecutive powerups

Pushing Your Luck


Get 15 points in a round before grabbing powerups

Professional Driver, Closed Course

Remain in drive on the road for 60 seconds

Goof Off

Thin Ice

Sustain approval below 25% for 30 seconds without failing from incompetence

Return to Grace

Regain full approval after dropping below 25%

Medium Rare

Get 50 points on a medium board

Large and in Charge

Get 50 points on a large board