Dystopia achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 42 unknown)

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Kill 2 enemies with Cortex Bomb


Kill 35 enemies with the Assault Rifle


Hit 25 enemies with EMP Grenades


Kill 30 enemies with the Minigun

Get Off My Lawn

Kill 20 enemies with the Shotgun

Gun Kata

Kill 20 enemies with Smartlocks

Voltstein Special

Kill 15 enemies with the Tesla Rifle


Kill 20 enemies with Cyber Weapons

Machine-like Precision

Kill 30 enemies with the MK-808

Grammaton Cleric

Deal 18,000 damage using Smartlocks

Mad Max

Deal 19,000 damage wth the Shotgun

Semper Fi

Deal 36,000 damage with the Assault Rifle

The Lightbringer

Kill 25 enemies with the Ion Cannon


Kill 25 enemies with the Basilisk

The Cyber Shinobi

Kill 35 enemies with the Light Katana

Disciple of Nikola

Deal 18,000 damage using the Tesla Rifle

They Always Listen To Reason

Deal 32,000 damage with the Minigun

"You're Coming With Me, Punk"

Kill 35 enemies with the Machine Pistol


Deal 3,000 damage with the Cortex Bomb


Kill 10 enemies with Spider Grenades

Saito Style

Deal 34,000 damage using the MK-808

High Stakes

Kill 35 enemies with the Boltgun

Pineapple Punch

Kill 10 enemies with Frag Grenades


Deal 10,000 damage with Spider Grenades

Uncle Enzo

Deal 14,000 damage with the Machine Pistol

Rawket Lawnchair

Kill 15 enemies with the Rocket Launcher

Hiro Protagonist

Deal 26,000 damage using the Light Katana


Deal 33,000 damage with the Ion Cannon

Street Samurai

Kill 40 enemies with the Medium Katana


Kill 25 enemies with the Grenade Launcher

Blast Masta

Deal 15,000 damage using Frag Grenades

One Fist, Two Fist, Red Fist, Blue Fist

Kill 25 enemies with the Fatman Fist

Big Man with a Gun

Deal 30,000 damage with the Basilisk

Rocket Whore

Deal 20,000 damage with the Rocket Launcher

"I Am Shodan"

Deal 8,000 damage with Cyber Weapons


Deal 31,000 damage using the Grenade Launcher

Holey Warrior

Deal 46,000 damage using the Boltgun

Pew Pew!

Kill 40 enemies with the Laser Rifle


Deal 36,000 damage using the Medium Katana

Fist Is A Verb

Deal 24,000 damage with the Fatman Fist

Critical Mass

Kill 5 enemies with EMP Grenades

Laser Show

Deal 41,000 damage using the Laser Rifle