Big Fish Legend achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Wings of Freedom

For record-height jumps

Experienced Treasure Hunter

I've become more attentive and can look down now

Dog's bone

I've become a skilled doghunter. Now I can vanquish any dog with one jump

Bronze Ryaba-Chicken

For vanquish wild birds

Destroying banana

For first vanquishing boss

Underwater mask

Seeing underwater, I can swim faster

Big platine fish

For banishing The Big Rat

Manuscript Kamikaze

Now I can stun my enemies from the distance

Clawhand of a polar bear

For vanquishing the Polar Bear

Soft carpet from hedgehog quills

I'm a real yogi now! I'm not afraid of the quills

Kangaroo skin bag

I've learned kangaroo skills of jumps

Magic feather of the Desert Ostrich

For the conquest of the desert