Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 52 unknown)

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First Flight

Deploy a Ship During Encounter

First Kill

Destroy a Hostile Spacecraft

Baptism Of Fire

Win a Battle


Explore 10 Star Systems

Bargain Hunter

Trade at Swap Meet


Upgrade your Ship Hull

Gunboat Diplomacy

Trade At a Hostile Homeworld

Purple Peril

Survive an Urluquai Ambush

Where Is Phredd?

Bucket Of Fun

Obtain Thunderbucket


Finish the How To Play Section

Rock Bottom

Nerves Of Steel

Board a Drifting Space Hulk

Graveyard Boogie

Raid the Starship Graveyard

Friend In Need

Ally With Someone In Combat

Eat Electric Death


Encounter All Regular Races

Spare Parts

Repair a Wrecked Fighter

Dumpster Diver

Loot the Tchorak Garbage Dump


Explore 100 Star Systems

The Old In-Out

Travel Through a Black Hole

Dawn Patrol

Destroy 100 Hostile Fighters

Blade Of The Ancients


Upgrade an Alien Ship Hull


Sell a Lifeform To Science

Rock Brothers

Make Friends With the Tchorak

Dirty Half-Dozen

Build a Flotilla Of Six Ships

Wish Granted

Lest Darkness Fall

Flight Of The Kestrel

Blind Shot

Destroy a Cloaked Enemy

Dulcet Tones



Destroy 100 Hostile Ships

Swat The Fly

Destroy Three Fighters With One Shot

Fresh Fish

Babulon Sees All

See a Cloaked Ship

Defender Of Hope

Across The Universe

Explore the Sector Before Time Runs Out


Play as Captain Bernie Sanders

Big Mama

Destroy a Tchorak Vent Mother

On Second Thought

Flee And Re-deploy a Ship

Save Our Suns

Wipe Out the Kawangi


Discover All the Black Holes On the Map


Win 100 battles

Surgical Strike

Top Dog

Become Glory System President


Explore 1000 Star Systems

Blues Brothers

Travel Between Stars Aykroyd And Belushi

Fleet Admiral

Destroy 1000 Hostile Ships

Into The Vortex

Destroy 25 Tan Ru Decimators

Supreme Commander

Destroy 10000 Hostile Ships