Crazy Belts achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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New mode: Infinite!

Need more challenges? Let’s take a trip to the moon! Go to Infinite Mode in Crazy Belts!

Goodbye London!

Loui the Bag flies over the Big Ben with a cup of tea. So long, England! A new airport awaits him!

Your first pic!

You have your first wallpaper in Crazy Belts! Do you want more? Keep travelling around the world!

New accesories!

Loui open a misterious chest... Wow, new accesories! Keep playing Crazy Belts and unlock more sets!

New York, Neeew Yoooork...

Say goodbye to Liberty Island! Loui continues his trip. Will the next airport be his final destination?

Hasta otra, Madrid!

A relaxing trip with coffee from Madrid! Loui the Bag now heads to… where? Discover it in Crazy Belts!

A kangaroo jump!

Even the kangaroos can`t stop Loui the Bag in his mission: to arrive safe at home. How many other adventures are in the horizon?

Zai jian, China!

Loui the Bag always wanted to visit the Great Wall of China. Wish granted! But now it’s time to go back home…

Travel album complete!

Congratulations, you've achieved all the wallpapers in Crazy Belts! Now you have your travel album complete!

All accesories!

Congratulations, you've achieved all the accesories in Crazy Belts! Now Loui is the coolest bag in the world!

Crazy Belts Infinite Mode - top 10

Just reached Worldwide Top 10 of Crazy Belts… in the moon! One small step for a man… a giant leap for bagkind!

Crazy Belts Infinite Mode - top 50

Just reached Worldwide Top 50 of Crazy Belts… in the moon! Join me, it’s a free rocket ride!

Crazy Belts Infinite Mode - top 3

Just reached Worldwide Top 3 of Crazy Belts! The sky is (not) the limit!

Crazy Belts Infinite Mode - The Lord of the Bags

To the infinite and beyond! Just reached Worldwide Top 1 in the world of Crazy Belts!! Try to beat me!