Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode II War of The Abyss achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 54 unknown)

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Unquenchable Hate

Defeated Xe'on

Forces Split

Completed the Prologue

How to Deal With Being Level 1

View the Scion Grid Tutorial

Onward to Stranger Waters

Completed Chapter 1


Transform Serena into a bunny


Completed Chapter 2

Battle of the Tigrid Seas

Completed Chapter 3

He's at it Again

Destroyed a teddy bear

You'll Poke Your Eye Out

Found Diovol's weakness

The Fall of Golden Horn

Completed Chapter 4

I Feel Asleep

Found the way to the Inferni Diadem

Episode 1 Refresher

Viewed all of the past events in the Mirror Room


Froze a woman in Ilian Castle

Double Agent

Completed Chapter 5

Heart is a Lousy Power, Anyway

Completed Chapter 6

The Tiarna's Mercy

Allowed Zexor to live

Size Matters

Miniaturized a woman in Ilian Castle

To Hell and Back

Retrieved the blood of the Revenoth

Our Forces Combined

Destroyed all 5 Teleporters

By Land and Sea

Repelled the invasion of Ilian

The Great Destroyer

Defeated Appolly'ione

The Tether is Broken

Destroyed the final Nexus Tower

Once More Unto the Breach

Defeated Urolus


Destroyed the first Nexus Tower

Take Her Away!

Confine Serena in the Dungeons

Hot Pixel Action

Found Gelina's portrait


Defeated Xesis

The Reality of Saitharence

Informed Tia about her husband's fate

The Tiarna's Wrath

Executed Zexor for his crimes

Of Gods and Men

Completed the game

Test Your Mettle

Killed every enemy on the Kisareth-Ilian Bridge

Never Sneeze on Xiria

Killed a woman in Starfall

Lost Within

Visited Trinity in the Healer's Ward

Power of The Dark Lord

Completed Magus' Scion Grid

Shenandor'ian Might

Recruited Eriadne

People Are Our Friends, Not Food

Kill Lars

The World Belongs to Anto...

View an alternate game over ending

Strength of Will

Completed the Infernus Ruins area

Where Did That Come From?

Defeated the Phaelyrm

Phantasm of the Past

Defeated Shade of Exodes

Kisareth Studios Welcomes You

Found the Developer's Room

NPCs Can't Get a Break

Killed a woman in Ilian Castle

The Dark Lord's Judgement

Kill Serena

Your Damage Sucks!

Defeated Erovoxis

The Worst Contractor Ever

Killed Milton


Win at least 20 battles on Solara Bridge

Hidden Shard of Power

Found a Level 10 Wisdom Scion at the Garlan Mountains

Relic of Ages Past

Found Shanora's Keepsake

Xiria Wins, Flawless Victory

Completed the Arena

Pioneer of Archaeology

Found the Skull of Onyus at the Garlan Mountains

That's Really Effed Up Magus

Used Lars as a means of execution

Who Needs Scions?

Upgraded Riggs or Jesiah to Level 10

Finally, I Can Get Some Sleep

Defeated John Sierra

Fallen One

Defeated She'dai