Hawken achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Shut Down

Eliminated an enemy mech while its weapons were overheated.


Eliminated 10 enemies without dying.

Basic Training Certification

Completed the final stage of VR Training and received your Basic Training Certification.

Finisher 1

Eliminated an enemy mech while it was repairing.

Off Guard

Eliminated an enemy mech that was currently zoomed in.


Survived over 15 seconds with less than 10% armor, and then eliminated an enemy mech.


Eliminated an enemy mech by landing on it, crushing its robot soul.

I've Made a Huge Mistake

Dealt over 10,000 damage to yourself with your own explosive weapons.

Finisher 2

Eliminated 10 enemy mechs while they were repairing.

Eye to Eye

Eliminated an enemy mech that was zoomed in while you were also zoomed in.


Eliminated an enemy while it was under the effect of your EMP.

Finisher 3

Eliminated 100 enemy mechs while they were repairing.