Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 51 unknown)

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Prologue Cleared

The CPU is Back!

Chapter 1 Cleared

Sub-mission Initiate

First Request

Item Tinkerer

Sign Here, Please

Game Creator

Chapter 2 Cleared

Retry, Please!

Chapter 3 Cleared

Chapter 4 Cleared

Chapter 5 Cleared

Chapter 6 Cleared

Chapter 7 Cleared

Chapter 8 Cleared

Item Inventor

Chapter 9 Cleared



Good Ending

AAA Game

The CPU of Gamarket

No Surviving!

Money Talks

True Ending

Heartthrob: Noire

Push It To The Limit

Heartthrob: Neptune

Heartthrob: Blanc

Heartthrob: Resta

Heartthrob: Lee-Fi

Heartthrob: Vert

Heartthrob: Estelle

Heartthrob: Poona

Heartthrob: Ein Al

Heartthrob: Ai Masujima

Heartthrob: Lady Wac

Heartthrob: Lid

Heartthrob: Moru

Heartthrob: Sango

Heartthrob: Little Rain

Heartthrob: Blossom Aisen

Heartthrob: Saori

Heartthrob: Tsunemi

Heartthrob: Generia G

Heartthrob: Ryuka

Heartthrob: Vio

Level-up Orchestra

Heartthrob: Wyn