It came from space, and ate our brains achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 60 unknown)

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Die for the first time.

Got Your Back

Kill an enemy close to a player with one health.


Finish block hospital on any difficulty.


Kill 1000 aliens.


Reach 25x multiplier.

Because 1337 Is Too Mainstream

Kill 1338 crawlers.

Ignored The Signals

Finish block city on any difficulty.

Rain Of Bullets

Buy all machinegun upgrades.

Last Man Standing

Staying alive while other players are waiting to respawn.


Buy all pistol upgrades.

Hold The Line

Place 5 turrets.


Buy all plasmagun upgrades.


Buy all laser upgrades.

Loving My Bubble

Use the shield 5 times.

In The Spotlights

Use the searchlights 5 times.

Tread Carefully

Place 15 mines.

This was a triumph

Finish a multiplayer level and win it.

My Way Or The Highway

Finish block highway on any difficulty.


Pick up 100 upgrades dropped by the S.W.A.T. Drone.

All Together Now

Reach 50x multiplier.

Most Valuable Player

Finish with the highest score in a multiplayer game.


Hunting Season

Buy all shotgun upgrades.

Smelled The Fresh Air

Finish block countryside on any difficulty.

Shotgun Maniac


Finish block crash site on any difficulty.

In The Navy

Finish block navy on any difficulty.


Reach 75x multiplier.

Go Go Gadget

Pick up 50 weapon upgrades dropped by the S.W.A.T. Drone.

Had A Blast

Buy all rocketlauncher upgrades.

Space Janitor

Kill 10000 aliens.

Heavy Metal

Finish block industrial on any difficulty.

It Came From Earth...

Finish block planet on any difficulty.

Home Sweet Home

Finish block suburbs on any difficulty.

Scrapyard Challenged

Finish block scrapyard on any difficulty.


Finish block launchpad on any difficulty.


Shoot 95471 times.

Lost My Mind


Finish block ship on any difficulty.


Finish the first six levels on medium.

They Walked Into My Gun

Finish the first six levels on easy.


Finish with the highest score in a multiplayer game 10 times.

Saving The Day

Revive 5 people using medkits.

Not Giving In

Finish 1 multiplayer game on insane without dying.

Semi-Pro Alienator

Finish 3 multiplayer games on insane without dying.


Finish the first six levels on hard.


Make 25.000.000 amount of Coins in total.

Insane In The Membrain

Finish the first six levels on insane.

Total Annihilation

Kill 100000 aliens.

On Top Of The World

Complete Rooftops (Campaign) on any difficulty

Brainfest Has Been Cancelled

Finish 6 multiplayer games on insane without dying.

Perioperative Mortality

Complete Clinic (Campaign) on any difficulty

Not Hogan's

Complete Alleys (Campaign) on any difficulty

Winter Is Coming

Complete Riverside (Campaign) on any difficulty

Tunnel Vision

Complete Sewers (Campaign) on any difficulty

Caved In

Complete Cave (Campaign) on any difficulty

Wave Your Hands In The Air

Complete all Campaign levels on Easy

Why Would I Ever Stop Doing This?

Complete all Campaign levels on Medium

Can't Touch This

Complete all Campaign levels on Insane

Stop... Hammer Time!

Complete all Campaign levels on Hard