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No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Welcome, Tiny Brains!

Started the experiment!

Intelligence Level: Tolstoi

Defeat the final boss in "Escape The Mad Lab" mode.

Intelligence Level: Zaytsev

Complete any 'Protect' combat sequences without the VIP getting hit by enemies.

Intelligence Level: Kamarad

Defeat the final boss in "Escape The Mad Lab" with 3 other players.

Intelligence Level: Gretzky

Finish 1 match of Tiny Soccer mode.

Intelligence Level: Gagarin

Complete The Déjà Vu Puzzle in less than 10 seconds.

Intelligence Level: Pavlov

Score 1200 cm or higher in The Ball Washer.

Intelligence Level: Vladimir

Survive for 80 seconds in The Ball Carousel.

Intelligence Level: Borzov

Score 750 cm or higher in Saucer Ball.

Intelligence Level: Tesla

Finish The Glass Puzzle.

Intelligence Level: Rasputin

Defeat the final boss in Tiny Trolls mode.

Intelligence Level: Completionist

Complete all Chapters in Jules Mode.