Kingdom: New Lands achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Day V

Survive day 5.

Day X

Survive day 10.

Day XV

Survive day 15.

Birth of a Reign

Win your first game.

On the First Day I Built an Army.

On the first day you recruited eight archers.

Day XX

Survive day 20.

By the Sixth Day I Was Rich.

By the sixth day you had more gold than you could carry.


Survive day 25.

On the Second Day I Got a Gift.

On the second day you got free walls.


Survive day 30.

By the Seventh Day I Cleared an Acre.

By the seventh day you cleared an acre of land.

On The Tenth Day We Fought Back!

By the tenth day you destroyed a portal.

Interior Decoration

Earn some antlers to decorate your coat of arms.


Survive day 35.

For Five Days I Turned the Other Cheek.

For five days you didn't kill anything.

Day XL

Survive day 40.

Maiden Voyage

Build the boat and escape the first land before day 10.

Stormy Waters

Build the boat and escape the third land before day 20.


Escape the final land and earn the crown.

Reef the Main

Build the boat and escape the fourth land before day 25.

Heraldic Achievement

Have a reign that spans five lands.

On the Ninth Day I First Ran.

Until the ninth day you never galloped.


Survive day 45.

On the Eighth Day I Fumbled.

Until the eighth day you never dropped a coin on the ground.

Smooth Sailing

Build the boat and escape the second land before day 15.

Day L

Survive day 50.

On the Third Day I Lit a Fire.

On the third day you started your camp.

All Hands on Deck

Build the boat and escape the fifth land before day 30.

On the Fourth Day We Had a Feast.

By the fourth day you hunted 20 or more deer.

Day LX

Survive day 60.


Survive day 70.


Survive day 80.

Day XC

Survive day 90.

Day C

Survive day 100.