Luckslinger achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Kill an enemy with an explosive barrel

Slice bread

Kill a boss with a knife





Slice salmon

Kill a boss with the golden knife


Beat all the duelists



Double tap

Kill a boss with a shotgun


Kill a boss with a dynamite


Look what the cat dragged in

To each his own

Get a lucky ending

12 bps

Chug 60 beers in 5 seconds

Vulcan Duck

Kill a boss with a minigun


Kill a boss with a boomerang



Just beat it

Beat the game

Happy feet

Kill Sean before he destroys the earth



True love

Get the best possible ending


Get 650 points with 1 skateboard combo

Crate digger

Collect all the vinyl's




Get 840 points with 1 skateboard combo

Just b-b-b-beat it

Beat the B side