Artificial Defense achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Offense Certificate

Complete the Offense Tutorial

Defense Certificate

Complete the Defense Tutorial

Conquer Certificate

Complete the Conquer Tutorial

Subsystem Specialist

Complete at least 4 challenges

System Corporal

Complete at least 8 challenges

System Sergeant

Complete at least 12 challenges

System Major

Complete at least 16 challenges

Mainframe Officer

Complete at least 20 challenges

Mainframe Lieutenant

Complete at least 24 challenges

Mainframe Commander

Complete at least 28 challenges

Mainframe Captain

Complete at least 32 challenges

Mainframe Colonel

Complete at least 36 challenges

Core Administrator

Complete at least 40 challenges

Core Supervisor

Complete at least 44 challenges

Core Executor

Complete at least 48 challenges


Complete all challenges