Anomaly Defenders achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Do not lose any tower in 2 consecutive missions

Defender of the Vacuum

Accomplish 5 missions

Master of Puppets

Build 20 Blasters in one mission

Defender of the Rock

Accomplish 10 missions

Sniper Wannabe

Acquire technology of Enforcers Top Level Upgrade

Defender of the Steel

Accomplish 15 missions

Pure Energy Life Form

Acquire technology of Energy Management 3

Inhuman Miner

Acquire technology of Harvesters Top Level Upgrade

Lucky Alien

Do not lose any tower in 6 consecutive missions

Storm Bringer

Build 10 Stormers in one mission.

Anomaly Defender

Accomplish all missions

Alien of Prey

Use Rage function on Behemoth 30 times

Natural Born Berserker

Acquire technology of Rage 3rd Level

Fire Walk with Me

Build 10 Scorchers in one mission

Extraterrestrial Camper

Use Sniper function on Scorcher 20 times

Serious Commander

Do not lose any tower in 12 consecutive missions

Pyromaly Anomaniac

Use Explode function on Blaster 10 times

Tower Master

Accomplish all missions in hard diffuculty setting

Technology Freak

Earn 225 Technology Points

Alien Nolife Form

Accomplish all missions in all difficulty settings