FortressCraft Evolved achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 85 unknown)

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Created your first world

I was there...

Played FortressCraft before it leaves Early Access!


Entered Survival Mode

Painting the town Red, Green and Blue.

Used the paint gun to colourise some blocks.


Extract your first Ore!

...failed to survive.

Died whilst in Survival Mode.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream

Death by freezing

Bright light, bright light!

Crafted and fitted the Mk2 Solar Cell

May the force induction be with you

Placed a Forced Induction unit on top of a Smelter

Teach a Man to Fish

Looked in the handbook for help

No, the OTHER Dexter

Built a Laboratory

What happens to a toad in a thunderstorm?

Same thing as everything else!

MK1, the original and best

Mk1 Turret Built

It's a shooting gallery down there...

MK2 Turret Built

...some bottom-feeding, scum-sucking algae eater...

Killed a Mynock

Warm and Toasty!

Crafted and fitted the Mk2 Suit Heater.

Mission Report: December 16th, 1991

Requested a new mission report

The Golden Age of Crafting

Smelted your first Gold bar!

Camobot killed

The jungle, it came alive and took him

Game over over

Lost your Central Power Hub in a wasp invasion

Two men walked into a bar...

...and smelted each of the Tier 2 Metals.

1.21 gigawatts!

Generate 1.2 billion watts of power.

Be There or be Square!

Hosted a Multiplayer World

Face Melter

Killed by a slime

Vitamn D Deficiency

MK1 Solar Array placed

Boldly Go Where no one has Gone Before!

Joined a Multiplayer World


Killed by a Camo Bot

Where will the polar bears live?

Death by heat

This is what the dinosaurs died for

Build Refinery

Gonna Need a Bigger Battery

Build a Tier 4 Battery

Batteries to Power, Turbines to Speed!

Built Jet Turbine

Craft 10,000 items

I would rather be a dentist!

Praise the Sun!

MK2 Solar Array placed

Worth 1.8 Million Words

Watched one of the video tutorials via the handbook

If at first you don't succeed...

...delete more than 50,000 blocks by hand.

It'll be alright on the meterorite...

Blow something up with a little help from space.

Build to me, to you.

Harness the power of Build2Me and save yourself a lot of time. Might wear out the left control key tho...

A stand-up fight AND a bug hunt!

Kill 10,000 wasps

Thanks for your opinion - we'll take it under consideration

Use a feature in-game that was suggested by a member of the community

Dig deep enough and you might find gold

Built a Quarry

...that voxel in particular...

Use the meteorite's alternate summon.


Dig deeper than 1600 metres.

"If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing!" - Direwolf20

Overdid it.

More Power...Ogh, Ogh Ogh!

Build a Tier 5 Battery

Don't Eat The Paste!

Used Construction Paste for its proper purpose.

Purple Ghost Shark Torpedoes

Kill a Tunnel Nuker

Steal from the rich...

Download from the Steam Workshop

Split the Sky

Built an Orbital Power Transmitter

Useful for more than just rollercoasters

Crafted and used a Minecart

A whole lotta NOPE

Hit 20,000% Threat

Join the Mile High club

Travel more than 1600 metres in the air.

To Infinity....and BEYOND!

Fully charged your Orbital Transmitter and unlocked the Rush Mode

Pajitnov Complex

Built 50,000 blocks by hand

Down the rabbithole

Travel really deep.

Into the Deep Blue

Ran 64-bit Fantastic mode and baked to 100%

Loyal Fan

Ask @Fortress_Craft on Twitter for details of how to obtain this achievement!

Its a Play Date

Someone actually joined your world!

Seeing double

Used the copy/paste tool.


Smelt a total of one million bars.

Let there be light!

Place a configurable light.

Seventh Circle

Visited Hell

Resistance is futile

Create a maximum-sized cube using SuperBuild

That's No Moon

Create a maximum-sized sphere using SuperBuild

Big Version... Little Version...

Create a detail block

No... the OTHER Grinder.

Stood on a Grinder.

Looked directly into the beam!

Stood in the path of a Conduit whilst it fires

Thresher? I hardly knew 'er!

Stood on the wrong part of a Thresher Drill.


Create a maximum-sized cylinder using SuperBuild. Also kudos if you get the obscure reference...

Saving it for a rainy day.

Saved a copy/paste schematic.

I understand now that I made a mistake.

Had your feet turned to paste by a Particle Filter

Brrr, it's a bit nippy.... in.

Stood on CryoPlasm a little too long.

Seven Dwarves

Create a workshop of each size

It's a Bobby Dazzler!

Attempted to stare down a Dazzler Turret and failed.

The Flat Earthers Were Right!

Defeated a CryoPlasm Spawner and unlocked Flatland mode!

Let's Party Like its 1999!

Hosted a World for 24 Hours

You are NOT a Dragon!

Hoarded too much in a Mass Storage system


Charged Orbital Transmitter in Rush Mode

...and give to the poor.

Upload to the Steam Workshop.

Working night and day.

Build 100 million blocks using any tools available.


Stand near a CryoMine when it goes off. Then jump 200 yards in the air and scatter yourself over a wide area.

Wear Your Party Pants

...everyone was invited!

I fought the bore, and the bore won.

Be killed by the magmabore.

Better Late than Never!

Join a world with 50+players

The house that Dire Built

Built a 9x9x9 room

Just keep scanning, just keep scanning

Scanned x