AdVenture Capitalist achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Serious Citrus!

Purchase 100 Lemonade Stands

You've Struck Oil!

Purchase Your First Oil Rig

The Big Hundsky!

Buy 100 of Everything on Earth

Wholy Holy!

Reach 100,000 Total Angels on Earth

1 Small Step...

Get 1 of every Moon investment - 1 giant leap for management!

Divine Intervention

Reset for your first Moon Angel - Help is on the way!

Let's Learn Big Numbers!

Become a Decillionaire on Earth

That Achievement's Name...

Reach the “Special Relativity” Moon unlock (100 everything) - …Was Albert Einstein.

Grand Standing!

Buy 1000 of Everything on Earth


Buy 666 or more of each Earth investment - A lot of unlucky numbers.

Here We Go Again!

Purchase the first angel upgrade on the Moon, “It Begins Again” - Great renewable resource, or GREATEST?

Earth Overlord!

Purchase the "Buy Earth" Upgrade on Earth

Gallery Tour

Click the Gallery button on the Moon (in the Unlock Menu) - Did you know that was a button?

Release The Hounds

Deploy your Profit Martians for the First Time


Become a Googolaire on Earth

Frankly Ridiculous!

Buy 3000 of Everything on Earth

2 Decillion Wings

Reach 2 Decillion angels - Holy!

Meta Reference

Purchase the “Cana-dough Exchange” Earth upgrade - Where’s the roof on this thing?

Capitalism Classic

Unlock 500 Earth Achievements - Grats! The cash amounts you’ve earned have no meaningful mathematical comparison in the universe!

Life's Manager

Buy 32 of Earth's managers with only Lemonade Stands - The only investment you need.


Hire 20 Managers on the Moon - The mark of a true leader!

Mars Attacks

Unlock "2500" of Everything Achievement - "Show Them the Meaning of Haste"

The Great AdVenture!

Unlock the 626th Achievement on Earth

OVER 9000!

Purchase more than 9000 Moon Shoe investments - No reference is too tired.

Lucky Ducky

Buy 777 or more of each Moon investment. Jackpot!

One More

Purchase your 1112nd Giant Laser - Not because it is easy...

Moonumental Achievement

Reach 1111 of everything on the Moon - Literally out of this world.


Reach 10^100 Moon Bucks - It’s fun to say.


Unlock the “Achievement” Everything unlock on Earth (5000) - This is probably quite stupendous.

Moon Walk

Hire 20 Moon managers with only Moon Shoes. - One Product. One Destiny.

Accurate Description

Purchase the “Forever And Ever” Earth upgrade - Many Angels died to bring us this acceleration...