Iron Soul achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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First Prize 1

Earn an A rating in Chapter 1

Challenge: Find

Find the secret item in laboratory (Chapter 1)

First Prize 4

Earn an A rating in Chapter 4

First Prize 3

Earn an A rating in Chapter 3

First Prize 2

Earn an A rating in Chapter 2

Challenge: Score

Score more than X bonus items (Chapter 4)

Challenge: Run

Finish the level in less than 25 minutes (Chapter 3)

Challenge: Live

Just don’t die (Chapter 2)

Challenge: Listen

Hear all the hints during the mad puzzle (Chapter 5)

First Prize 5

Earn an A rating in Chapter 5

Heart of the Machines

Reach the CIC building

A Victory

Stop the bot-mageddon before it’s too late

Secret Keeper

Find 15 Secret Items


Finish chapter 1 with Expert Difficulty

Secret Finder

Find 3 Secret Items

Secret Hoarder

Find 9 Secret Items

Robot Soul

Survive the first round of madness

Positively Impossible

Don’t die (But you will!) during Crazy Level B

Near Impossible

Don’t die (If you can) during Crazy Level A

Iron Soul

Become the Iron Soul


Finish chapter 5 with Expert Difficulty


Finish chapter 4 with Expert Difficulty


Finish chapter 3 with Expert Difficulty


Finish chapter 2 with Expert Difficulty

Dawn of Danger

Escape from the main laboratory