Enemy Front achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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Two Birds One Stone

Kill two enemies with one bullet (Singleplayer)

Power of Faith

Rescue the priest with a single shot in 'First Victory' mission

Threat Eliminated

Kill 3 SDKFZ gunners without destroying the vehicle

Iron Storm

Kill 25 enemies using mounted HMG (Singleplayer)

Operation Torch

Finish game on Casual difficulty level

Kaboom Baby

Destroy the cable car in 'Winter in Vemork' mission

What was that?!

Kill 10 enemies during 'Loud Sound'

Knock Knock

Lure 5 enemies by throwing stones

My Artifacts

Collect 5 secrets


Kill all enemies inside the V2 factory

Red Barrels

Kill 20 enemies using explosive environment objects (Singleplayer)

Vive La RĂ©sistance!

Help all resistance members in 'French Resistance' mission


Play any Multiplayer match

Another Jerry Bites the Dust

Destroy all enemy planes using anti aircraft cannon in 'Fortress at Oscarborg' mission

No Man Left Behind

Rescue prisoners from POW camp

Operation Overlord

Finish game on Medium difficulty level

One Man Army

Kill 50 Germans and destroy all armored vehicles in 'Home Army Victorious' mission

I guess it's yours

Throw back 3 enemy grenades (Singleplayer)

This is Warsaw Calling...

Collect all Blyskawica radio station parts in 'PAST Assault' mission

To the Moon!

Collect all rocket parts in 'Fire from the Sky' mission


Save Home Army soldier in the hospital

The Wall of Flesh

Take enemy officer/soldier as live shield, then kill 3 enemies

Crash and Burn

Destroy all vehicles inside the workshop in 'Final Victory' mission

Bag of Souvenirs

Collect 15 secrets

Motor Pool is Down

Destroy all enemy vehicles inside ruined castle in 'Sabotage in the Loue Valley' mission

Operation Fall Blau

Finish game on Expert difficulty level

It Was Broken...

Defend back of the church without using HMG in 'Siege of St. Cross' mission

One Shot, One Kill

Kill all snipers on top of PAST with a sniper rifle without reloading it

One Shot, One Boom

Kill an officer and blow up the armory with one shot in 'First Victory' mission

Seen Them All

Play all Multiplayer modes

Plot Twist

Use commanding officer inside PAST as a human shield

Prison Break-in

Get into the prison without raising alarm in 'First Victory' mission

Archive of War

Collect 30 secrets

It's a Trap

Set and detonate explosives on the enemy truck in 'Officer hunt in the Loue Valley' mission


Win a Deathmatch round without dying

Leave No Stone Unturned

Collect all secrets

Roger and out

Win 5 matches in Radio Transmission mode

Silent Savior

Rescue Dietrich from POW Camp without raising any alarm


Win a match in every Multiplayer mode

Polish Resistance

Paint all Polish resistance symbols on levels that happen in Warsaw

Long Day

Play 50 Multiplayer matches


Perform 100 Headshots in Multiplayer mode

Bronze Star

Become the most valuable player in 10 Team Deathmatches


Obtain all medals in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Radio Trasnmission modes

Sir! Yes Sir!

Obtain First Sergeant rank