Solarix achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Rendezvous with Hart

First things first, Meet the company owner, Solarix's owner

Vaughn's Secret

Secrets secrets everywhere, not any A.I to trust

Dead Engineer

Employee benefits are always paid on time at Solarix Company

Those Damn Crates

He says "Trust me, you don't wanna know what's inside those crates"

Bypassed Forest at Crashsite

You are on an alien planet and you just bypassed a forest full of anomalies...That's necessity rather than an achievement so feel good.

Alix Cain's Last Efforts

Finding pda of a doctor nearby an anomaly's wonder who is who...

Serenity of a spaceship crashing

When ship commander says "All engines are down!", illusion of safety tunes in.

Finding Remains of Bernard

Bernard was here, like every nerd would have. He was analysing what others would never read.

Ghost Recordings

Why do ghosts like abandoned mines?

Ali's Cache

While working to supply others' demands, Ali forgot to protect his cache. Maybe there is thief around. Maybe his name is Garrett.

Corporate Fever

You've seen the same elite guard advertisement display several times, you think if you consider that as an achievement, maybe they will stop showing you the same ads.

Meeting with an Eye

When would you trust someone else's eyes instead of yours?

Cognitive Heuristics

There is a rumor at Solarix company that any of the elite guards who knows either what cognitive or heuristics means gets a double paycheck once a year

Elisha the Vixen on Board

She is so professional that she can kill, only if she thinks the mission is in jeopardy

Mother Betty

Maybe Betty reminds you someone or your consciousness. Or both. Maybe that's why you killed her.

Ancient Prototype

When a company makes a new product, you are ancient already. Capitalism. In Space. Forever

Tangerine Copy

Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy

Dual Core

We have two sides of brain, so we are running on SLI mode by default. Just like every server on Solarix.


Planet Exploration Training Program. That sounds like heaven for an engineer who got stuck and isolated on spaceships.

Failing at Biology

You see green bio waste living as organically as it can at space. You try to remember your biology class, you fail. Maybe you are not an engineer as they claim so.