DeathComing achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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First blood

Harvest your first soul.


Complete a 5-combo kill


Complete a 10-combo kill

Death of the Matron

Kill the Matron in Act 1.

Angel's Favorite

Wonderful Evening

Resurrect the Werewolf, Dinosaur, Vampire and Pharaoh in Act 3.

Monarch Monkey's Rage

Trigger Monarch Monkey's cutscene in Act 5.

Murder on the Express Train

Kill all the passengers on the train in Act 4.

Going Nuclear

Successfully launch the missile in Act 2

Five Flowerpot Failures

First Clear

Clear all Acts


Trigger the Alien Robot event in the Slaughter

Fateful Choice

Kill all the marked characters

Curtain Call

Kill the 8 starred characters in Act 7 and trigger the curtain call.

Dodge This!

Death Trap

Spotted all Death Traps in every Stage

Perfect Reaper

Achieve the highest rating in all Acts

Christmas Present Guardian

Kill 50 Thieves in Bonus 2.