IS Defense achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 39 unknown)

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Get Your Blanket!

Let 100 pontoons land on the shore


Destroy 100 suiciders before they detonate themselves

Terrorist Takedown

Kill 3 000 terrorists

...Where Are You?

Can Opener

Destroy 200 vehicles

Beach Boy

Survive 10 minutes on the beach

Smashing Pumpkins

Deliver 100 headshots

Swimming Day

Destroy 100 pontoons

Geared Up

Max the machine gun branch


Destroy 500 vehicles

Alighting Postponed

Destroy 30 landing crafts

Hummer Time!

Destroy 250 Hummers

Meat Grinder

Kill 10 000 terrorists

Cargo Cult

Call the cargo support 100 times

Slaying Private Brian

Call infantry support 100 times

All Round Trooper

Max the player skill branch

Son Of A Beach

Finish beach level

Old Man And The Sea

What A Lovely Day!

Destroy 1000 vehicles

BM 30 Smerch

Max the rockets skill branch

Backup Variety

Max the support skill branch

Army Of Me

Get all upgrades

Iron Rain

Call artillery support 50 times

Love The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning!

Call the air strike support 40 times

No Love Boat

Finish harbor level

Get To The Choppa!

Call the helicopter support 30 times

All Ships Are Safe!

Survive 10 minutes on harbor


Survive 20 minutes on the beach

The Sand Is Red

Finish desert level

The Great Sand Worm

Survive 10 minutes on the desert

Friendly Fire Will Be Tolerated!

Crusade Complete

Finish the game

Vacation time open

Survive 10 minutes on Saint Tropez

Patriot's Touch

Fire 1000 rockets

Jan III Sobieski

KIll 30 000 terrorists

Golden shores

Finish Saint Tropez level

Who Controls The Sand Controls The Universe!

Survive 20 minutes on the desert

Concrete Defender

Survive 20 minutes on harbor

No stone left unturned

Survive 20 minutes on Saint Tropez