Adorables achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 46 unknown)

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Practice is important

First time play Practice Mode

Are You drunk?

First Adorable get into the goal

First blood

1st win ever


1st goal in soccer

He's ok

1st opponent in the water

Football Star

1st win in soccer

It's not Your flag!

1st robbed flag

Home Sweet Home

1st point in CTF

Who will win?

First time play Tournament

A great trip

First time play World Tour

Am I pale?

Change Body Color

The one

1st win in Last Adorables Stand

A real life pirate

1st win in CTF

Don't drink more

10th opponent in the goal

They don't drown

10th opponent in water

That's hot

First time play Hot Seat

Sand in your eyes

1st goal in beach ball

Kick the Sand

1st win in beach ball

Nice job

All game tried

Fear the Mummy

1st win in Mummy

Can You beat your friends?

First time play Multiplayer

Hockey Puck

1st goal in Ice Hockey

The champion

Win Tournament

That's just the begining

10 goals ever

Well done

10 wins ever

On ice

1st win in Ice hockey


1 win in all games

Top Scorer

10 goals in soccer

Eye for eye

Buy 1st Eye

I've got Your flag

10 robbed flag

No more rain

Buy 1st hat

Pirate King

10 points in CTF

Can you Speak with that?

Buy 1st Mouth

National team

10 win in Soccer

Great Tour

Win World Tour


Change body shape


10 wins in Last Adorables Stand

Lord of the Beach

10 goals in beach ball

Men of the Match

10 goals in ice hockey

Lord of the Ocean

10 win in beach ball

You thief...

10 win in CTF

You are the Mummy

10 wins in Mummy

NHF Legend

10 wins in Ice hockey

Eye collection

Buy all eyes

Hat collection

Buy all hats

Mouth collection

Buy all mouths