The Binding of Isaac achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 98 unknown)

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The Radioactive Spider

Complete the basement

The Rock

i like to break things...

The Bean

you dont wanna know where this bean has been...

Monstros Tooth

Defeat all bosses in the basement

Eve's Dead Bird

Make 2 deals with the devil in one play through

The Spelunker

Complete the Caves

The Parasite

Kids shouldnt play with dead things...

Maggys Wig

Collect 7+ container hearts in one play through

Mr. Mega!

Kids shouldnt play with matches...

Lil Chubby

Defeat all bosses in the caves

Cains Eyepatch

Collect 50+ pennies in one play through

The Book of Sin

Destroy the 7 Sins!

I Killed Mom!

kill mom...

A Gift From Krampus

My head hurts...

The Common Cold

Dirty needles... eww

Moms Pill Bottle

mom needs her pills! donate blood.

Lokis Horns

Defeat all bosses in the depths

Judas's Fez

Complete the full game

I need a hug...

The Gamekid

i lost mine in the arcade...

Moms Contact

stay out of moms things!

The Noose

Complete the full game 2 times

The Shears

ive lost my head one too many times...

Basement Boy

Complete the basement without taking damage

The Necronomicon

Call death upon all of them!

The Nail

Complete the full game 3 times

The Bag

Complete the full game with Cain


Kill mom but pass on 2 treasure room items

The Quarter

Complete the full game 4 times

The Left Hand

The Fetus

Complete the full game 5 times

Everythings Terrible!

Complete the full game 6 times

The Wafer

Complete the full game 7 times

The Halo

Give mom a taste of her own medicine!

Money = Power

Complete the full game 8 times

It Lives!

Complete the full game 9 times


The Robo-Baby

Complete the full game with Judas

I have sticker fingers...

Moms Knife

Complete Sheol with Isaac

The D6

Mega Fetus

Complete Challenge 6

The Razor Blade

Complete the womb with Eve

The Cross

Complete the full game with Maggy

The Cross

Complete the full game with Maggy

The Bandage

Make a Super Meat Boy!

The Bomb Bag

Complete Sheol with Cain

Guppys Hairball

The Candle

Complete Challenge 1

The D20

Complete the final chapter with Isaac

Super SMB Fan

Complete Challenge 7

The Burnt Penny

Complete Challenge 3

The Spider Butt

Complete Challenge 8


Complete the final chapter with Cain

The Lucky Toe

Complete Challenge 2

Blood Lust

Kill moms heart with Samson

Spelunker Boy

Complete the caves without taking damage

Guppys Tail

Complete Challenge 4

The Polaroid

Dads Key

The Fish Head

Complete Challenge 5

The Monster Manual

Complete Sheol with Judas

The Guardian Angel

Complete Sheol with Maggy

The Curved Horn

Complete the final chapter with Judas

The Rainbow Baby

Complete the final chapter with ???

Isaacs Head

Mamas Boy

Complete the womb without taking damage

The Counterfeit Coin

Complete Challenge 9

The Demon Baby

Complete Sheol with Eve

Dark Boy

Complete the depths without taking damage

The Sacrificial Knife

Complete the final chapter with Eve

Forget Me Now

The Bloody Penny

Complete the final chapter with Samson

Blood Rights

Kill Satan with Samson

Daddys love

Golden God!

100% the game

Cains Eye

???s Soul

Maggys Faith

Judas' Tongue

Samsons Lock

Eves Bird Foot

Platinum God!

100% the game

Eternal Mom

Beat Mom in Hardmode

Eternal Heart

Beat Moms Heart in Hardmode

Eternal Life

Gain 7 Health upgrades from Eternal Hearts

Eternal Cathedral

Beat the boss in the Cathedral in Hardmode

Hard Game

Beat the Game in Hardmode!

Eternal Satan

Beat Satan in Hardmode

Eternal Isaac

Beat the game as Isaac in Hardmode

Eternal Cain

Beat the game as Cain in Hardmode

Eternal Judas

Beat the game as Judas in Hardmode

Eternal Maggy

Beat the game as Magdalen in Hardmode

Eternal Eve

Beat the game as Eve in Hardmode

Eternal Samson

Beat the game as Samson in Hardmode

Eternal ???

Beat the game as ??? in Hardmode, and good luck!

Eternal Personalities

Beat the game as all characters in Hardmode.

Eternal God

100% the game and hardmode (get all the achievements)