Lichdom: Battlemage achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 59 unknown)

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Choose your first sigil


Craft your first spell

The First of Many

Puking Pustules

Mage Against the Machine

The First of Many (Battlemage)

This One, This One Right Here. This Was My Dream, My Wish

Find 20 Loot Orbs

Good, Bad, I’m the One with the Magic

99.1% Pure

Surf and Turf

Under the Rocks

Get the Water Flowing

Twenty Men Enter, Only Him Leave!

Surf and Turf (Battlemage)

Dust In The Wind


It's Comin' Outta Me Like Lava!

Into the Darkness

Especially When It's Waving a Razor-sharp Hunting Knife In Your Eye

Old Drivasser Explorer

Find all of the Plaques in Old Drivasser

A Salt Shaker Half Full

Bitter Victory

You Took Too Much, Man. You Took Too Much

Dust In The Wind (Battlemage)

I Am the Dragon

This House is Clean

Bitter Victory (Battlemage)

I Am the Dragon (Battlemage)

Newb Game Plus

Complete any Vortex Portal


Level your Fire Sigil to 16


Level your Ice Sigil to 16

Challenge Completed

Complete an entire New Game Plus sequence


Level your Lightning Sigil to 16


Level your Kinesis Sigil to 16

Zasad Explorer

Find all of the Plaques in Zasad

The First of Many (Badass)

This better be good...

Craft a Spell with a Unique Pattern and 4 Legendary Augments

Grey Teeth Explorer

Find all of the Plaques in the Grey Teeth

Maelstrom Explorer

Find all of the Plaques in the Maelstrom


Level your Phase Sigil to 16


Complete an entire series of Vortex Portals in one sitting


Level your Necromancy Sigil to 16


Level your Corruption Sigil to 16

Surf and Turf (Badass)

Truly A Badass

Equip nine unique spells

Lost Zasad Explorer

Find all of the Plaques in Lost Zasad

Drivasser Explorer

Find all of the Plaques in Drivasser

Sinkhole Explorer

Find all of the Plaques in the Sinkhole

Soddentrod Explorer

Find all of the Plaques in Soddentrod

Dust In The Wind (Badass)


Level your Delirium Sigil to 16

Bitter Victory (Badass)

Plus Sized

Complete three sets of Vortex Portals

I Am the Dragon (Badass)

Bass Ackwards

Complete all Skirmish Portals

Magic Hunt

Complete all Hunt Portals

Cult 45

Complete all Disable Portals

A need to acquire every permutation

It does not get any better than this