Jagged Alliance Online: Reloaded achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Your first contract completed!

Filling up.

Finish The Stash

Echoes of the past

Finish the Arulco's Last Dogs contract

Hell Hath No Fury

Finish the Hell Hath No Fury contract

Rise and Shine

Finish the Rise and Shine contract.

One Percent

Finish the One Percent contract

All your keeps are belong to us

Finish the Castle Crashers contract


Finish the Family's little blemish contract.

What's Yours is Mine

Finish What's Yours is Mine contract

Don't tell Santa

Finish the An end to white christmas contract

Maritime Mishap

Finish the Maritime Mishap contract


Finish Piracy Disenchanted contract.

Balikwe Blues

Finish the Balikwe Blues contract

Hidden Hero!

Finish the Hidden Heroes contract


Finish the A Night To Remember contract


Gain a prestige score of 100

Sailing the high seas

Finish the Letter of Marque contract

Red Hot Chilean

Finish the Red Hot Chilean contract

Deep dig!

Finish the Hole In The Ground contract

Killing the snowman

Finish the Operation Snowplow contract

It's what counts

Finish the Inner Values contract


Finish the Been There, Done That contract

Deja fraggin' vu

Finish the A Tear for Times Past contract

Back to the Roots

Finish the Back to the Roots contract

Deal with it

Finish the Deal Gone Bad contract


Gain a prestige score of 200


Finish the UXO contract


Finish alll 20 campaign contracts

Apocalypse Riders Now

Splinter Cell

Conquered the hydra!

King of the battlefield

Gain a prestige score of 300