You Are Not A Banana: Better Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Not a Banana

Get Past Title Screen

Dream Master

Survive Your Worst Nightmare

Road Kill

Greet a Car with Your Body

Dead Bed Head

Die in Your Sleep

Human Punchbag

Get Knocked Out

Memory Master

Unlock Bike First Try

Death by Curiosity

Examine Discarded Bag

Super Hearing

Find Keys First Try

Death by Stereo

Turn Off Music the Dangerous Way


Greet a Traffic Cone with Your Head

Wrong Way

Attempt to Leave the Wrong Way

Music Critic

Be Mean About Someone's Music

Death by Freeform Jazz

Get Run Over by Rogue Piano

Frog Saviour

Rescue Frog from Traffic

Master Detective

Discover Janitor's Door First Try


Discover an Interesting Cloud

Ninja Neighbor

Escape Upstairs Bedroom Undetected

Milk Thief

Attempt to Leave Shop Without Paying

Time Traveler

Travel Through Spacetime

The Odd Couple

Mount Giant Snail as a Banana

Bananas for Breakfast

Provoke Doorman as a Banana

Death Dodger

Complete Game as Human Without Dying

Death by David

Get Squashed by Statue of David

Master Death Dodger

Complete Game as Banana Without Dying

Frog Killer

Kill a Frog