Dungeon Warfare achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 35 unknown)

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This is Madness

Kill a unit by pushing it off to a pithole

Death from Above

Kill a unit by placing a Barricade on it

Close Call

Clear a stage with only one life remaining


Reach 200 kill streak


Call all waves early on a stage

This isn't even my final form

Upgrade a trap to tier 3

Draw and Quarter

Pull a unit with four harpoons simultaneously


Summon 50 demons


Reach trap mastery level 20

Dungeon Master

Reach player level 30

Krush Kill and Destroy

Kill 50 units with a single boulder

Reaper of Souls

Earn 1000 gold with a single soul harvester

Modern Warfare

Build 5 lightning traps


Clear a stage with 8 runes activated

Ice Blast

Kill a chilled unit

None of your business

Kill the Mysterious Challenger

Somebody set up us the bomb

Kill 10 units with a single bomb


Pull 20 units with a single Blackhole Trap simultaneously

Cloudy with a chance of barricades

Kill 50 units with Barricade in a single game

Ultimate Load

Clear any stage with all runes on

Heavy Defense

Reach wave 30 in endless mode


Clear stage 'Haphazard' without using any boulders

Great Grandmaster

Reach trap mastery level 50

Expired Warranty

Clear stage 'Gold Rush' without using the Repair Kit


Repair a 1 hp door

Frontier spirit

Beat a custom map

Big Game Hunter

Kill the Dr.Balanced


Kill 20 units with a single bomb minecart explosion


All your base are belong to us

Clear all stages

You shall not pass

Clear stage 'Tunnel' with your doors undamaged

Scrimp and Save

Clear stage 'First Blood' without spending any gold


Clear stage with 30 or more frogs in the dungeon


Clear stage 'Killbox' without building any Barricade


Clear all stages with six or more runes on