Space Pirates and Zombies 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 42 unknown)

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Level 13

The bane of Carl's existence.

Basic Training

Systems checks complete!

Go There, Do That!

Learn how to command strike craft

Raid Buster

Blow up some defenseless strike craft.


You destroyed 10 motherships

Live Fire Exercise

Don't worry, it was just a bandit.

Sticky Mess

Investigate the zombie signal

An Old Friend

Meet someone from your past and blow up their stuff


You destroyed 100 motherships

Combat Medic

Fixed your ship while in a combat level.


Clear the galaxy of infection

Lil Helper

You joined 1 battle

The End

Complete the story

Good Neighbor

You joined 5 battles

Bandit Buster

You killed a bandit Chief.


You joined 15 Battles

Gate Crasher

You destroyed 1 Fail Gate


You destroyed a starbase

Double Tap

You defeated 1 zombie captain


You demanded the surrender of another captain for fun and profit.

Hive Stomper

You destroyed a tier 3 bandit hive.


You Destroyed 3 starbases

I Was Here

You have explored all the territories.


You cured a zombie captain using a ton of Rez.


You defeated 5 zombie captains

No Retreat

You destroyed 3 Fail Gates


You stole a faction member from another faction.


You defeated a faction leader in battle.


You paid off your own bounty.

This is my BOOMSTICK

You defeated 15 zombie captains


You destroyed 10 starbases

Friends With Benefits

You started an alliance with another faction.

Off with their heads!

You executed a captain stuck in their escape pod.

Glove Slap

You won a bounty duel vs. another captain.


You have found all the lore.


You beat 1 champion level Arena

Shop S-Mart

You have custom ordered a part from the catalog.

Brain Surgery

You did a little tinkering with a podded captain's mind.


Converted an unneeded part into scrap in the inventory screen.

You're stuck in here with me!

You destroyed 10 Fail Gates


You beat 5 champion level Arenas


You beat 15 champion level Arenas