Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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Divine Gratitude

You have found his semi divine humble Self on your Steam list.

Holy And The Hidden Object

Complete the first tropical quest.

Adventure Puzzle

Clear the path by the vines.

Media Sucks

Let out your semi divine aggression on the royal press.

Maiden Savior

Provide a semi divine rescue for Lola.

Holy the Giant Slayer

Help the ogre kick the bucket.

A Semi Divine Donation

Help Sandy construct the fort.

Holy's Elves!

Protect Lassandra from the undead horde!

Chocochicks Are Sooo Cute

Catch the runaway chocochick for Cindy.

A Date For Tevez

Find Tevez a girlfriend.

Bloody Boot Hill

Find and bring Wendy her boots.

Magic People, Voodoo People

Defeat the Voodoo Priestess.

Maiden Survivor

Protect Cindy from the undead.