Herolike achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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The Beginning

The adventure begins!

First Kill

The first kill is always the hardest.

First Encounter Completed

Your first successful encounter.

Received 100 damage

Getting hit is part of the job description when your job is monster hunting.

100 Renown

You are not exactly a VIP. More like a hermit.


Death is just a new beginning.

100 Mana used

You just started dabbling with magic.

Made 100 total gold

You made some pocket change.

100 Monster Kills

You should go professional with this.

1000 Clicks

There's no adventuring without clicking.

Received 1000 damage

Welcome to fight club.

1000 Renown

You sometimes get free drinks at the tavern and people turn their heads when you walk by.

Leveled up 10 times

Still a long way to go, but getting there.

50 Damage Dealt

My mom hits harder than that, but it's a start...

1000 Mana used

Casting spells and using skills is your favorite past-time.

Made 1000 total gold

That's some decent gold you got there.

500 Monster Kills

Monsters see you rollin', they runnin'..

First Boss Kill

Killing a Boss put's you on the 'Cool Heroes' list. If it was one...

100 Damage Dealt

You are definitely a heavy hitter.

50 Encounters Completed

Fight after fight and decision after decision made you stronger and wiser.

Received 10.000 damage

I hope that your enemies are doing worse than you...

10.000 Renown

Rockstars got nothing on you. People adore you!

10 Hero Deaths

Death really suits you.

Game Completed

You banished Evil and freed the Earth Stone! Another round?

2000 Monster Kills

Your business is monster killing and business is good!

10 Boss Kills

Congratulations, there are no more bosses to kill! Just kidding...

Made 10.000 total gold

Being a hero has it's advantages.

10.000 Mana used

You can feel the magic ebb flow through you, a true Archmage.

Reach level 30 with a hero

Well, this was unexpected.! No one tested the game balance past this level.

Level up 150 times

This seems familiar... Are you the one doing power leveling in MMOs?

250 Encounters Completed

You are a seasoned explorer and fighter. The world holds no more secrets.


Congratulations, you unlocked all achievements! So, what now?!

5 Games Completed

When will Evil ever learn?

50.000 Clicks

Carpal tunnel syndrome anyone?