Bionic Heart achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Early Ending

Luke never meets Tanya

Wrong move

Luke tries to shoot Tanya


Tanya is arrested by police

The scientist

Luke the great scientist


Jealous Tanya kills Helen

Wrong call

Tanya kills Luke

Serial killer

Tanya is a serial killer

Luke's sacrifice

Luke's sacrifice

I, robot

Luke becomes a robot

Killed by Julia

Luke is killed by Julia

Not an illusion

Not an illusion

Tanya loves Luke

Tanya loves Luke

The great escape

You escape to Mars


Tanya had a soul too

Julia the fortune-teller

Julia the fortune-teller

Richard's menace

Richard's menace

The prisoners

Luke and Tina prisoners


Luke ends his life in jail

Mine forever

Tanya kidnaps Luke

Happy Ending

Happy Ending aka master fanservice ending!

Bionic... hearts

Bionic... hearts

The marriage

Luke marries Tanya

Lovers forever

Mark & Julia

A new dawn

A new dawn