Happy Dungeons achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 42 unknown)

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A Journey of 1000 Miles!

Start a game of Happy Dungeons.

Attention Deficit Hyper Mode

Enter Hyper Mode.

And So It Begins!

Complete the quest "Search for the Princess."

Goblins Shmoblins

Kill 100 goblins.

Happy Times!

Open a card pack in Happy Cards.

Go Team!

Complete a mission with at least two people remaining.

This Is Gonna Be Hell to Insureā€¦

Equip an item of epic rarity or higher.

I Could Open a Museum

Get 100 pieces of equipment.

Hope I Haven't Mist Anything

Complete the quest "Dense Fog."

Not Much of a People Person

Kill 100 human enemies.

Hey There, Lil' Buddy!

Get a minion.

Ready for Action

View the Playing Guide.

Made It Big

Complete the quest "Big Game."

Promising Rookie

Reach Player Level 10.

Making Friends

Complete the quest "A Little Friend."

Ready for the Big Leagues

Level up a minion via "Boost Minions."

There Was a Lot at Steak

Complete the quest "Forest Barbecue."

Thanks, Mr. Barrel

Destroy a total of 1000 barrels, pots, and/or mushrooms.

Hey There, Big Buddy!

Level up a minion to its maximum level.

Not So Bossy

Complete the quest "The Goblin Leader."

A Myriad of Merry Minions

Get a total of 30 minions.

Bring It On!

Level up a piece of equipment to its maximum level.

The path to strength

Complete "The Goblin Leader" in Death difficulty.

Happy Dungeons

Escape from any level in Infinite Dungeon.

Game Ogre

Kill 10 ogres.

Everyone's price

Complete "Front and Back Stage".

Adventuring Knight

Reach Player Level 30.

Hardened Warrior

Play for 10 hours as a warrior.

Gonna Need a Lie Down Now

Complete a quest on Insane difficulty.

Death Is Overrated

Complete a mission on Death difficulty with at least four people remaining.


Play for 10 hours as a mage.

Knight apprentice

25 hours played.


Awake an item.

Dungeon raider

50 hours played.

Ain't No Generic Cleric

Play for 10 hours as a cleric.

They Won't Be Getting Up Too Soon

Use a Finishing Move on a boss.

The 13 stairs of death

Defeated 8192 zombies.

Super General

75 hours played.

Well Done-geon!

Complete 42 missions on Insane difficulty.

No fruit comes after death

Resurrect allies 77 times.

The Unbearable Lightness of the Dungeon

100 hours played.

Grand Master

Reach Player Level 50.