Battle Nations achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Birds and Stones

Kill More Than 1 Unit With a Single Attack

Assault and Pepper

First Attack Mission

Budding Builder

Construct 15 buildings

One Bunk at a Time

10 Soldiers in Your Army

A Spark to Start the Fire

First Flamethrower Ignition

Double Barracked

Own 2 Barracks

A Drop in the Bucket

Contribute 100 points toward a Boss Strike!

Door Prize

Earn the Tier 1 Prize in a Boss Strike

First Blood

First Attack vs. a Friend

Assault and Battery

Win 25 Attack Missions

Good Things Come to Those Who Invade

First Occupation Mission

Small Things Come to Those Who Raid

First Raid Mission

Outpost Overseer

Own 25 Districts

Friendly Fire

Play PvP With a Friend

With a Little Help From My Friends

Participate in a Boss Strike while in a Guild

Deadly Dozen

Defeat an Army of 12 in 12 moves

Moving the Needle

Contribute 2000 points toward a Boss Strike!

Starting to Refine Yourself

First Steel Mill

Chessmaster General

Defeat an Army of 12 in 8 moves

Space Invader

Win 25 Occupation Missions

Battle Happy

Win 10 Battles in 10 Minutes


Contributed 10,000 points toward a Boss Strike!


Defeat an Army of 12 in 4 moves

Raid Nation

Win 25 Raid Missions

Big Winner

Earn the Tier 10 Prize Boss Strike

Somme Remix

Defeat an Army using only Artillery

The Dirty Dozen

Bring 12 Soldiers to a Battle

It Goes to 11

Earn the Tier 11 prize in a Boss Strike

Stalwart Defender

Defended Against 5 Consecutive Attacks

Stone Wall

Defended Against 15 Consecutive Attacks

A Few More Good Men...

10 Full Garrisons

Who Needs Enemies?

Play PvP With Friends 100 Times