Campus Notes - forget me not. achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 54 unknown)

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Welcome to the University of Tsukuba

Started the game

Nice to meet you

Made a friend

Pointy-tooth, Spade and Beret

Met the three heroines

Lightning Silver

Met the girl with silver hair

In the same boat

Reunited with the three heroines

It's called IMA

Idiopathic Mass Amnesia

Sad bread

Went after Kaen

Bertha's Knights

Joined Bertha's Knights

Cocoa Cigarette

Promised to meet Aika again

Saiki shrine

Went to Saiki shrine


Chose to fight IMA

Ichinoya Yasaka shrine

Went to Ichinoya Yasaka shrine

Kumano shrine

Went to Kumano shrine

Insect Eater

A feast on Inago and Bee larvae

Phone call

Chose to make a phone call

It's a bond

Chose to believe in a bond

Welcome back, Shion

Reunited with Shion at the Botanical Garden

Stay the way you are

Disagreed with Kaen


Found out the truth……?

Not on a date

Really, it's not a date


Talked with Shion and Togi

Service office

Chose to deliver the phone

A couple?

Walked the Botanical Garden with Shion

On a date

Had a date with Shion


Chose not to choose

Secret box

Talked with Togi

No thanks

Talked with Togi and Kaen


Asked to know how Shion feels


Tried eavesdropping Fuma and Shion

White Crow

Talked with Kaen


Chose to go home

Be my flower

Agreed with Kaen

It's a curse

Chose to believe in a curse

Pretty different

Talked with Kaen and Shion

Observation in Blue

Reporting for duty

Followed Fuma


Seeking the unknown

Talked with Shion

Leave it

Chose to leave the phone


Blind eye

Decided not to ask how Shion feels

Bertha's Knights Reunite

Third evidence

Laplace's demon

Second evidence


First evidence

Nap on my lap



Chose Fuma

In the Loop

Super bread

Memory Collector

Memory Master