Crusader Kings II achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 161 unknown)

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The Marriage Game

Marry another character

Full House

Sire five children

Always Bet On Duke

Work your way up from Count to Duke with a single character

Royal Blood

Achieve a score of 10,000

Until Death Do Us Part

Have your spouse assassinated

Exalted Among Men

Fulfill the Become Exalted ambition


Go on a Christian Pilgrimage

It's Good to be the King

Work your way up from Count to King with a single character

Paragon of Virtue

Fulfill the Paragon of Virtue ambition

One is not Amused

As a ruler have a council that is not content.


Fulfill the goal of a Crusade

Turbulent Priest

Assassinate a vassal bishop that likes the Pope better than you

We’re In Business

Successfully establish a trade route

You Owe Me

Have someone owe you a Favor


Build an Observatory

Typhoid Mary

Contract three symptoms.

Follow Me

Successfully intervene in a youth's development to force one of your own traits onto them.

Not a Tribe

Play as a Tribal Ruler and Reform to Feudalism

Pay to Win

Win a war using Mercenaries.

Dragon Blood

Achieve a score of 50,000

To Mecca!

Go on a Hajj to Mecca

No Solicitors

Go into Seclusion.


Build a Hospital.

Keeping it in the Family

Sire a child that has the Inbred trait


Amass more than 15,000 in prestige

New Ways for Old Gods

Reform one of the Pagan religions

A Pope of My Own

Set up an antipope

Mr. Doge-Elect

As a Patrician, win an election and become Doge

It's Better to be the Emperor

Work your way up from Count to Emperor with a single character

On English Neck a Norman Yoke

Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark as William the Bastard, become the King of England

Divine Blood

Achieve a score of 100,000


Create a mercenary band and have them bring in money for you.

All Three Popes

Play a game where there are two simultaneous antipopes

Merchant Prince

Amass more than 20,000 in wealth


Successfully seduce 10 people by targeted seduction with one character

United the Kingdoms

Hold the kingdoms of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland


Amass more than 10,000 in piety

I Shed Blood of Saxon Men

As a Christian non-Saxon, completely conquer Saxony in a game starting in 769

Let’s Play

Gain the Hedonist trait through carousing

Great Hunter

Kill your prey in the Epic Hunt

An Honest Mistake

From Seclusion, kick someone out who did not have the plague.

By the Gods

Gain the Theologian trait


As an Orthodox Christian, hold Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem

Res Publica

Play as a Tribal Ruler and Reform to Merchant Republic

I'm Sorry, Desiderata

Divorce a Lombard Princess as a Christian

The Yes Men

Have all members of your council be Loyalists.

Crusader King

Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark, hold the Kingdom of Jerusalem

Legacy of Rome

Restore the Roman Empire

Russkaya Pravda

As a Russian, hold the Kingdom of Russia.

I can see its Stripes

Kill a tiger by your own hand

Hard Ruler

Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark as Harald of Norway, become the King of England

Viking Raider

As a Viking, return home with 1,000 worth of loot

Protector of the Holy Places

Have Rome, Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina within your Realm

Holy and Roman

Found the Holy Roman Empire in a game starting in 769

Dream Home

As a Patrician dynasty, build every upgrade for your Family Palace

Beyond the Indus

As a ruler of non-Indian culture, conquer a King or Emperor title in India

Dark Lord

Become Grandmaster of any devil-worshiper society.


Play a game all the way through from 1066 to 1453

Aptly Named

Die from the Black Death.

I Got Better

Recover from the Black Death.

Black Widow

As a woman, have three different husbands killed

Wise Guy

Gain the Legendary Wisdom modifier

Prester John

As a Catholic, have a border with Miaphysite Abyssinia

And Stay Out!

Throw the Aztec invaders back into the sea

Saint Thomas's Dream

Rule an Indian Kingdom or Empire as a Christian and convert all its provinces

Decadent Warrior

As a Muslim, crush a Decadence revolt

The Outside Bet

Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark as Svend II of Denmark, become the King of England

Kingdom of David

As a Jew, create the Kingdom of Israel


As the Roman Empire, reclaim the old imperial borders

The One Who Brings Benefit

As a Zoroastrian, become the prophesied Saoshyant

Dwarf Fortress

Have seven courtiers with the Dwarf trait

The Frisian Coast is Long

Be King of Frisia and hold the Atlantic coast from Léon in Brittany to Jylland

Seven Centuries

Play a game all the way through from 769 to 1453


Successfully slander 20 people with one character

Persistent Survivor

Play a game all the way through from 867 to 1453

Little Brother Rules!

Become Emperor of Francia as Carloman, brother of Charlemagne

Family Bliss

Have 6 close family members as friends

Trade Empire

Your Republic maintains trade posts in 80 provinces

My Very own Subcontinent

Become Samrat Chakravartin

Looking East and West

Be Emperor of both Persia and Rajastan


Play as three consecutive generations of empresses

The Caliphate Strikes Back

Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark as the Abbasid Caliph, become independent and hold an empire title

Off with their heads!

Execute 10 or more prisoners in a single action.

Holy Smoke

Sacrifice another religion's head as a Norse or Aztec pagan

Red Sea Resort

Convert Mecca to Hinduism, Buddhism or Jainism

The British Raj

Rule the Empire of Britannia as a Hindu, Buddhist or Jain character

Saxons Everywhere, Unite!

As an Anglo-Saxon or Saxon ruler, be king of both Saxony and England

Viking Ummah

Have a capital province with Norse culture and Muslim religion

Kali Maaa

Sacrifice a King or Emperor tier character to Kali

What Schism?

Convert both Rome and Constantinople to the same (Indian) religion

Great Indian Sultanate

Rule the Empire of Rajastan and convert all its provinces to Islam

The Black Bishop

Fund an immoral bishop and get him elected Pope

Empire of the Sun

Rule as Emperor with the Reformed Zun Faith

Scarrrrrred for Life

Become One-Eyed, One-Legged and One-Handed.

Khan of Khans

Conquer continental Western Europe as the Mongol Empire, starting in "Age of the Mongols" bookmark

Medieval Schlieffen

Be simultaneously at war with the Aztecs and the Mongols

Iron Crown

Hold any Emperor or King title as a Lombard after 1300

Bring it On

Win 7 duels with one character

There Can Be Only One

Become immortal.

I am the Law

As a vassal use a favor to change a law.

Peace in Our Time

Enforce peace for 6 or more vassals.

Run With the Wolf

Play as a character with Wolf's Blood.

Snipped off to China

Send a Eunuch to the Chinese Emperor.

One Arrow Alone can be Easily Broken but Many Arrows are Indestructible

As a steppe horde, have a population of 150 000.

Let's go out into the Field

Defeat a sibling in a war using the rival casus belli.

Steppe by Steppe

As a steppe horde, conquer the whole steppe region.

Child of the Dragon

Request an Imperial Marriage from China.

Nobody's Business but the Turks

Conquer Constantinople as a Turkic steppe horde.


As the Anti-Christ/spawn of Satan, become Grandmaster of the Satanists.

Close Call

From Seclusion, kick someone out who had the plague.

Got Land

Start as the holder of Gotland and form the empire of Scandinavia.

Not So Bad

Survive the End Times.

Eternity Denied

Kill a character with the Immortal trait.

Prodigious Five

Have at least one child with each of the five level four education traits.


As a Norse character, become King of Mongolia.

Shadow Prince

Sit on the council and have every other council member as well as the ruler owing you a favor.

Go West Young Mongol

As a steppe horde, have an independent tributary King or Emperor in the British Isles

Black Pope

Have a priest you corrupted (as a Satanist) become Pope.

"Never start a Land War in Asia"

Start in Western Europe and completely conquer the region of Mongolia.

Pax Mongolica

Build 3 fully upgraded silk road trade posts.

Jihad Sultan

As a Muslim King or higher, become Grandmaster of the Assassins.

Papal Mache

Have elephants trample the Pope/Caliph.

Sword to Ploughshare

Settle a steppe mercenary with more than 20 martial in your lands.

Who Needs Vasco da Gama?

Own all the silk route ports in india as a European merchant republic.

The Good Old Days

Have the kingdom of Frisia as your primary title and have the duchies of Flanders and Brabant be dejure part of it.

Legacy of the Indo-Norse

Start as a Norse Character, hold a Kingdom in India as your primary title. Your capital must also be located in India and converted to Norse.

Unwelcome Visitors

As an assassin, assassinate a Crusader King in the Holy land.

Smash the Patriarchy

As female Messalian/Bogomilist/Cathar Ruler own all 5 baronies which make up the Orthodox Pentarchies and have a female temple holder control them.

A Curious Trinket

Send an invaluable artifact (Quality: 4 or 5) to the Emperor of China.

A Servant No More

As Mu’nis al-Muzaffar of Galilee in 867, become an Emperor and have at least 100 realm size.

Bön Appétit!

Eat a character of the Bön religion.

Sakya Trizin

Starting as the Count of Sakya in 1066, rule as an independent Buddhist King or Emperor and control all Buddhist Holy Sites.

White Hun

Starting as the last remnant of the White Huns (the Count of Mohadavasaka in 769) restore the borders of the Hephthalite Empire.

The Conqueror

Starting as a Norse character, rule the Kingdom of England (or the Empire of Britannia) as an English cultured character of a Christian religion.


Starting and staying as a Han Chinese character, be an independent King or Emperor and rule all of North Africa (the Maghreb region).

Ten Thrones

Have your dynasty rule 10 independent Feudal/Iqta/Monastic Feudal Kingdoms or Empires with at least 25 realm size each. You must be one of them.

Venetian Guile

Win a Crusade targeting Byzantium.

Not so Great

Starting in a Shattered World, defeat a Great Conqueror in a war.

Love is a Battlefield

Find love after a duel.

Lech, Czech, and Rus

Unite the Kingdoms of the three brothers, Lech, Czech and Rus, into one Slavic Union.

Pagan Fury

As a ruler with any Pagan religion, win a Christian Crusade targeting you.

Baptism of Rus’

As an East Slavic Pagan King or Emperor with your capital in the Eastern Europe region, successfully ask the ruler of Byzantium for a mass conversion.

Bless my Reign down in Africa

As a King or Emperor, have one of your domain Counties under the influence of a successful Rain Dance.

From Servant to Saint

Have a character you used to play be proclaimed a saint and have their Saintly Bloodline running in your veins.

From the Ashes

Starting in a Shattered World, rule an Empire.


Found a Bloodline as a particularly cunning, ruthless and skilled Duelist.

Rise of Civilization

In a Shattered World with ‘Holding Types’ set to ‘Tribal’ or ‘Tribal & Nomadic’, adopt Feudalism or Republicanism.

I Do Not Play Chess

Have 100 kills in your Kill List.

Lord of the Flies

Start a Random World as a 0 year old Count, with the maximum character age set to 0, become King or Emperor within 16 years.

By Jupiter!

Reform the Hellenic faith.

Family First

As a character with a religion that practice Divine Marriages, have one of your siblings, parents and children as spouses/consorts at the same time.

Bloody Line

As a religion worshipping Bloodthirsty Gods, sacrifice enough people to found a Bloodline.

Deus Vult

Create the Empire of the Outremer.

What Could Have Been

Start a Random World with all possible settings set to ‘Random’ and play for 200 years.

Under the Power of the Eternal Heaven

As a member of the Ashina clan, solidify your divinity by ruling as Religious Head of the Reformed Tengri religion.

Over Your Dead Body

As a Tribal ruler, gain a title you have a claim on by duelling the holder.

Defender of the Holy Sepulchre

Starting as Eustache de Boulogne (the Count of Boulogne in France) in 1066, choose to play as your beneficiary after they are made King or Queen in Jerusalem after a Crusade.

History is in my Blood

Have 5 Historical Bloodlines on your character.

L'Eglise, c'est Moi!

As an Emperor, grab the crown out of the Pope's hands and crown yourself.

Zero to Hero

Found a Legendary Bloodline while part of a Warrior Lodge.

Heathenous Ways

Starting as Erik the Heathen in 1066, rule the Kingdom of Sweden with the reformed Germanic Faith.