Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 42 unknown)

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Bad Cop!

Pass the first Interrogation

Shiver Me Timbers

Win your first sea battle

Helping time!

Complete your first side quest.


Win your first fight against a higher level enemy.

Smash Up

Destroy 50 land destructibles

Raise The Flag

Use a pirate lookout

Muffin Man

Revive a hero

Fresh Produce

Buy your first item from the shop

Snagged it!

Fish out 25 items from the sea

The Bigger they are

Land Lubbers

Super Smash Up

Destroy 250 land destructibles

Cool it!

Grass Cutter

Beat Fern in battle


Beat 50 enemies in battle

This is Bunk

Inflict more than 1 bunk effect on to a single enemy

Floating Smash Up

Destroy 10 Sea destructibles

Science Stuff

Unlock a gate with BMO

Dosh Ahoy

Open 15 treasure chests

Spill Your Guts

Use BMO's Analyze.exe


Overskronk 4 enemies in a single battle

Flaming Goodness

Restore light to the treasure tree

Sweet Victory

Beat Uncle Gumbald in battle - hidden

Found Him!

Find the snail

Bath Time

Pull the plug!

Avast Ye Matey!

Use all the pirate lookouts

Explorer of Ooo

Dock at all the islands

Light 'em up

Hero Time

Free the caged Mushroom people

Now Stay Put!

Take all the penguins to the tree house

Hero BMO

Get BMO to level 10

Super Helper

Complete all side quests

Hero Finn

Get Finn to level 10

Hero Jake

Get Jake to level 10

Hero Marceline

Get Marceline to level 10

Pirates of the Enchiridion

Unlock all Achievements in the game