Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Lord of the Rain

Earned for making a combo of 10 or more.

Prince of the Winds

Earned for making a combo of 18 or more.

Neophyte Druid

Earned for unlocking the second stage.

Nature Lover

Earned for 10 perfects finishes.

Warden of the Five Woods

Earned for achieving a 5x multiplier.

Nature's Perfection

Earned for making 150 moves without mistake.

Hero of the People

Earned for reconstructing all first-level buildings.

King of Storms

Earned for making a combo of 26 or more.

Guardian of the Forest

Earned for 50 perfect finishes.

Protector of the Realm

Earned for reconstructing all second-level buildings.

Master Druid

Earned for unlocking seven stages.

Nature's Double Perfection

Earned for making 300 moves without mistake.


Earned for making 20 transactions in market.

Hand of the King

Earned for reconstructing all third-level buildings.

Champion of Beasts

Earned for 100 perfect finishes.

Savior of Camelot

Earned for fully reconstructing the kingdom.

Force of Nature!

Earned for making a combo of 34 or more.

Keeper of the Seven Streams

Earned for achieving a 7x multiplier.

Elder Druid

Earned for completing the game!


Earned for using all power-ups.

King of Three Stars

Earned for achieving 3 stars on each level.

Grand Druid

Earned for completing the game on Hard mode