Just Ignore Them achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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I Don't Like Surprises

Wrong closet.

I Better Stay Inside

Besides, it's too cold out.

But First, Let Me Take Uh...


They're Here

The tv people.

This Is All A Bad Dream

I hope.

Welcome To Dayfield Motel

Enjoy your stay!

*Gasp* You Told!

Why the hell did you do that for?

I Don't Really Need To Go

I think I'll hold it.

Sorry To Barge In!

Uh...I'll come back later.

Drink Your Sorrows Away

Whatsa Madder?

Are You Afraid?

You should be.

Stop Copying Me!

I should take his picture.

Nice! Uh...Poster

He's got a good taste in...posters.

Mind Your Own Business!

No one likes a peeping tom.

Fear Of Flying

Especially if you have to fly the plane!

I Hate The Subway

Are we there yet?

Interesting Concept!

No problem.

Tainted Footage

Do not watch this tape.

I Shot The Sheriff

But I did not shoot the deputy.

Feeling Lovesick?

Or is it just gas?

Kiss From A Black Rose

Something has unlocked?

Ha Ha! Wrong!

But, It said it was right!


Can be the darkest of temptations

Be Kind Rewind.

Our customers would appreciate it.


Bad Ending.

The Love Potion

For your deepest desires.


Good Ending.

Get It?

8-bit...never mind -_-

Is This The Right Thing To Do?

I'm not so sure.

A Tape Recorder?

Guess I'll need to find some tapes

Mysterious Photo

A photo can catch a moment in time?

A Photo Can Tell A Thousand Words

An empty frame tells a million.

Dinner Reservation For 2

Do you trust him?