Constant C achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Like a ninja

While free-falling in high speed change the direction of the gravity and apply brakes

Never give up

The total number of deaths exceed 150

Catch me if you can

Complete all levels for chasing Ellie 2.0

Sky walker

Change the direction of gravity while in the midair at least 10 times and land safely

One way ticket

Complete story mode

Labman No.001

Discover the phone-microwave

Action hero

Pass C2-2 in 5 seconds

Circus monkey

Pass D1-5 without falling off the ball unnecessarily

Do it my way

Gather any storage device inside the 6th portal without using the second time field


Gather all storage devices

No time to waste

Pass C3-3 in 5 seconds

Shoot through the air

Pass C3-4 in 7 seconds

You only live once

Reach the storage device location in D3-3 and safely pass the level without dying

Princess is in another castle

Found the dinosaur

Great escape!

Pass F1-5 in 20 seconds