Dandara achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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A new hope has awakened!

Start Dandara's journey through the Salt.

"Just to get smashed."

Beat Augustus and free the besieged village.

The Creation Side

Save the Village and retrieve the Stone of Creation.


Venture through the Desert to find the Rock of Remembrance.

Wide open face, hidden heart

Beat Belia and soften the old stone heart.

The Intention Side

Go around the Fortress and Receive the Stone of Intention.

The Secret of the Dreams

Grab the Pearl Of Dreams.

Salt's Realization

Beat Eldar and free the Salt from his oppression.

Stories of Freedom

Finish the game

In the mercy of Salt

Carry more than 8000 Pleas of Salt at once

In the favor of Salt

Carry more than 13000 Pleas of Salt at once

Seasoned Explorer

Finish the game after finding more then 75% of the chests.

In the command of Salt

Carry more than 20000 Pleas of Salt at once

The Salt Leaper

Visit every corner of the Salt.

No Distractions

Finish the game with less then X% of the rooms visited.

The Treasure Hunter

Find all chests in the game.

Speedruning Novice

Finish the game in less than "2h".

No Hand-holding

Finish the game without opening more than 35% of the chests.

The Completionist

Finish the game after visiting every room and finding every chest!

Beat the Developers

Be faster than us, and finish the game in less than "X".

A Glance at Fear's Eye

Face the dangers of the Hidden Realms and earn the Shell Mirror

Salt's New Beginning

Beat Tormenta and prepare the Salt for actual change.

Making it a... Challenge!

Finish the game again (any ending) with 2 challenges or more.