The Political Machine 2016 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Novice Mudslinger

Attack your opponents stance on an issue, either in a speech or an ad.

Made for Greatness

Create a custom candidate and show these carpetbaggers how its done.

Fully Armed and Operational

Upgrade any type of building to their max level.

President Moneybags

Raise awareness in a wealthy state to gather $400,000 at a single fundraiser.

Democratic Victory

The blue states triumph! The red states start hoarding water and supplies for the impending collapse of society.

Home Court Denial

Add insult to injury by taking your opponents home state.

Accept no Substitute

Win the election with a custom candidate.

Republican Victory

The red states triumph! The blue states start hoarding water and supplies for the impending collapse of society.

Gathering an Army

Hire at least one of every type of Political Operative in a single game.

Totally Random

Play a game with all map settings randomized.

Watching the Clock

Play 5 hours across all matches.

Won by a Hanging Chad

Win the electoral vote but lose the popular vote.

5 Fantastic Finishes!

Grasp a presidential victory 5 times.

A Friendly Battle

Play a Multiplayer game.

Ignoring the Clock

Play 10 hours across all matches.

10 Top-tier Triumphs!!!

Grasp a presidential victory 10 times.

Multiplayer Victory!

Win a multiplayer game.

Breaking the Clock

Play 20 hours across all matches.

Clean Sweep

Win big by taking all the states.

20 Victories!

Grasp a presidential victory 20 times.

So Very, Very Rude

Create over 100 attack ads, securing your place as a true red, white, and blue politician.

And the Winner Is...

Win on election day (November 8th).

Republican Vanquisher

Beat all of the Republicans in the campaign

Democratic Dominator

Beat all of the Democrats in the campaign