Giana Sisters 2D achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 51 unknown)

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Good night, owl.

Get rid of one owl.

Good flight

Get rid of an opponent with one jump.


Transform yourself into the Punk Giana.

First Class

Survive the first level

Pocket money

Collect 100 diamonds.

Block Shaker

Destroy 50 stone blocks.

Free Shot

Get rid of an opponent with a shot.

Beetle alarm

Flatten a beetle.

Blue eye

Wipe out an eye.

Bee sting

Get rid of a bee.

Stroke of luck

Get rid of 50 monsters.

Ready for the island

End the first island.

Water sports

Get rid of a jellyfish

Bling Bling

Collect 1,000 diamonds.

Owl horror

Bring down a killer owl.

Mixed double

Get rid of two opponents by jumping without touching the ground between jumps.

Bubble Head

Use the chewing gum.

Killer bee

Bring down a killer bee.


Bring down a boss.


End the 2nd island.

Monster Hunter

Defeat 200 monsters.

Secret Agent

Unlock a bonus level.

Heading for new shores

End the 3rd island.


Use the soda bottle.

Rubber ball

Get rid of three opponents by jumping without touching the ground between jumps.


Destroy 1,000 stone blocks.

Diamond Fever

Collect 5,000 diamonds.

Four wins

End the 4th island

Blind Date

Wipe out a killer eye.

Give me five

End the 5th island

Everyone may

Wild Safari

Get rid of 500 monsters.

Beyond the horizon

End the 6th island.

Super diamond fever

Collect 10,000 diamonds.

Robinson Crusoe

End the 7th island


End the 9th island.

Old School

Finish the classic levels.

Looking for monsters

Get rid of 1,000 monsters.


Complete the game without a game over.

Thick head

Destroy 5,000 stone blocks

Sparkling closing time

Collect 50,000 diamonds.

All in the head

Destroy 10,000 stone blocks.

Make me rich.

Collect 100,000 diamonds.

One against all

Get rid of 10,000 monsters.


Get rid of 10 opponents by jumping without touching the ground between jumps.

The eighth wonder of the world

End the 8th island.

Got it made for life

Collect 1,000,000 diamonds.

Rock fall

Destroy 100,000 stone blocks.

James Bond

Giana's sister


Jump in the air 5,000 times.