Astroloco: Worst Contact achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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New Game

It's all downhill from here.


Get Gary back on his feet within two attempts.

The Other Side

See things from someone else's point of view.

Recurring Nightmare

This guy always bounces back!

Monkeying Around

Find a sweet poster for a previous game.

Violent Tendencies

See the violence inherent in the system!

No More Hiccups

You're getting really good at holding your breath!

Broken Pipe Dreams

Discover the pipe of your dreams.

Don't Get Cocky

Defeat the marauding pirates.


Remotely remind a criminal that he's being watched.

Thorough Investigation

Diligently examine the contents of a locked cupboard.

subAtomic Family

Find the family from a previous game.


You're in two minds on the matter.


That's no way to greet someone new!

Tunnel Vision

Find all five hidden trains.

Behind the Scenes

Our game has commentary! Are we cool yet?

Follow the Money

Find and follow the trail of gold.

The King in the North

Find an old friend within the Request-O-Matic.

Unwanted Guest

Create your own 'Knock-Knock' joke.

Crack Shot

Find all five hidden targets.