Castle achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Amateur Builder

Complete Level 6 in Normal Mode

Bronze Clorm

Fix 10 Clorm damage

Bronze Silver

Send 10 Silver Reds to the land of dreams

Bronze Stick o' Fire

Extinguish 20 castle fires

Silver Clorm

Fix 25 Clorm damage

Bronze Poulthief

Roast 20 Poulthieves


Fail 10 times

Big Spender

Buy everything from the shop (max. upgrades + max. items)

Silvery Silver

Send 25 Silver Reds to the land of dreams

Bronze Burrhole

Get rid of 20 Burrholes

Seasoned Contractor

Complete Level 12 in Normal Mode

Bronze Bowling Boom

Prevent 20 bomb explosions

Silver Stick o' Fire

Extinguish 50 castle fires

Silver Poulthief

Roast 50 Poulthieves

Silver Burrhole

Get rid of 50 Burrholes

Bronze Gold

Put 20 Golden Blues to sleep

Silver Bowling Boom

Prevent 50 bomb explosions

Gold Clorm

Fix 100 Clorm damage

Silver Gold

Put 50 Golden Blues to sleep

Cash Collector

Earn a grand total of 50,000$ throughout a game (Money spent in the shop isn't deducted from this)

Castle Veteran

Complete the game in Normal mode

Gold Silver

Send 100 Silver Reds to the land of dreams

Gold Stick o' Fire

Extinguish 200 castle fires

Gold Burrhole

Get rid of 200 Burrholes

Gold Poulthief

Roast 200 Poulthieves


Complete the Protect the Castle mode

Valiant Protector

Make 100,000 points in the Protect the Castle mode

Gold Bowling Boom

Prevent 200 bomb explosions

Golden Gold

Put 200 Golden Blues to sleep

Award Hoarder

Acquire all the trophies of the Wall of Fame.


Complete the King Mode

The Casualist

Complete the Humble Builder mode