City Of Brass achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 54 unknown)

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First blood

You need to die. Just once. It'll be painless.

They Keep Coming!

Unlock the Rebirth Divine Burden.

Try To Keep Up

Unlock the Breakneck Divine Burden.

The Bigger They Are ...

Unlock the Stout Divine Burden.

Secret Garden

Unlock the portal to the Gardens.

For Honor! And Gold! (Mostly Gold)

Pop Goes the Weasel

Kill three or more enemies with one Cask of Volatility.

Who Needs Genies?

Unlock the Unhelpful Divine Burden.

Night Owl

Unlock the Eclipse Divine Burden.

Borrowed Time

Unlock the Deadline Divine Burden.

A Thief in the Night

Unlock the Brigand.

Clean Sweep

Hit three different enemies with one sword swing.

Raider of Tombs

Unlock the portal to the Catacombs.

Playing With Your Food

Trip, Stun and Disarm the same enemy.

Foul Move

Distract three enemies using one Puzzling Foul.

I Can Take It

Unlock the Deadly Divine Burden.

Total Recall

Recall the spear 20 times.

Return Serve

Disable Etol the Hurler by reflecting its projectile.

Royal Welcome

Unlock the portal to the Palace.

Up for a Brawl

Unlock the Hellion

Who's In Charge Around Here?

Reach the final Boss Fight.

Watch Your Step!

Unlock the Excessive Divine Burden.

Weep No More

Kill a Silent Effigy.


Hit the same enemy with all the daggers in a full hand 20 times.

Break the Curse

Complete the game for the first time.

The Hard Slog

Complete the game without using any wish portals.

A Grave Mistake

Die whilst at full health but poisoned.

On the Rebound

Kill two enemies with one thrown dagger using the Edge of Ricochet.

Alright Everybody, Chill!

Freeze 15 enemies using the Skewer of Chilling.


Equip 9 different swords as The Fool or Traveler.

A Well Travelled Fool

Complete 15 runs as The Fool or Traveler.

Can't Hide From Me

Find 25 secret rooms.

Knock Out

Kill 20 enemies with a fully charged punch.

Mastered the Basics

Complete the game as The Fool or Traveler.

Shish Kebab

Kill three enemies with one thrown spear.

Successful Heist

Complete the game as The Brigand.

Hammer Time

Trip 30 enemies using the Hammer of Quaking.

Soldier of Fortune

Complete the game as The Soldier.

You're wide open!

Use the alternative whip fire to pull away the shields of 10 enemies.

Slide Tackled

Trip 20 enemies by sliding into them.


Unlock the Revenant

Battle Hardened Veteran

Complete 15 runs as The Soldier.

Cruel and Unusual

Kill 10 enemies by pulling out the Pole of Mangling.

Disarming Blow

Disarm 10 enemies with the Cuffs of Disarming

Accomplished Thief

Complete 15 runs as The Brigand.

Smash and Grab

Complete the game as the Hellion

Punch Line

Kill 15 enemies by punching them into a trap

Heavyweight Boxer

Complete 15 runs as the Hellion

I'm free!

Complete the game as the Revenant

(Dry Sucking Noises)

Heal 10 hearts using the Missile of the Leech


Complete 15 runs as the Revenant

Glutton for Punishment

Complete the game with all Divine Burdens turned on. No Portals. No Blessings.

Heh heh heh!

Kill three enemies at once with a single Projectile of Ignition


Kill 15 enemies using the Torpedo of Blasting proximity mine