Flywrench achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 46 unknown)

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Long Range Scanner: Pluto

Discover Pluto in Story Mode


Beat a level in Story Mode without dying

Long Range Scanner: Neptune

Discover Neptune in Story Mode

Warming up

Crash 100 times

Long Range Scanner: Uranus

Discover Uranus in Story Mode

Signal Complete: Pluto

Beat all Pluto levels

Rigid Polarity

Repeatedly crash on the same color

Long Range Scanner: Saturn

Discover Saturn in Story Mode

Signal Complete: Neptune

Beat all Neptune levels

Long Range Scanner: Jupiter

Discover Jupiter in Story Mode

Signal Complete: Uranus

Beat all Uranus levels

Signal Complete: Saturn

Beat all Saturn levels

Long Range Scanner: Mars

Discover Mars in Story Mode

Long Range Scanner: Earth

Discover Earth in Story Mode

Successive Failure

Crash 1000 times

Long Range Scanner: Venus

Discover Venus in Story Mode

Long Range Scanner: Mercury

Discover Mercury in Story Mode

Signal Complete: Jupiter

Beat all Jupiter levels

Signal Complete: Mars

Beat all Mars levels

Signal Complete: Earth

Beat all Earth levels

Signal Complete: Venus

Beat all Venus levels

Long Range Scanner: Sun

Discover Sun in Story Mode

One shot: Pluto

Beat Pluto in Time Trial

Singularity Complete

Beat Story Mode

Signal Complete: Mercury

Beat all Mercury levels


Beat a level in the Editor

One shot: Exoplanet

Beat User Planet in Time Trial

One shot: Neptune

Beat Neptune in Time Trial

Finely Tuned

Crash multiple times in the Editor


Beat Story Mode in under 2:50:00

One shot: Uranus

Beat Uranus in Time Trial

One shot: Saturn

Beat Saturn in Time Trial

One shot: Mars

Beat Mars in Time Trial

One shot: Jupiter

Beat Jupiter in Time Trial

One shot: Earth

Beat Earth in Time Trial

One shot: Venus

Beat Venus in Time Trial

Visualize Material Reflexivity

Publish a Planet

Positive Reality

Top the leaderboard in a User Planet

Exoplanet Explorer

Beat 10 User Planets in Time Trial

One shot: Sun

Beat Sun in Time Trial


Create a theme

One shot: Mercury

Beat Mercury in Time Trial

Excessive Failure

Crash 10000 times

Exoplanet Addict

Beat 100 User Planets in Time Trial


10 players beat your exoplanet

Blissful Soothsayer

100 players beat your exoplanet