POSTAL Redux achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Descent into Madness

Make your first kill.

Share The Pain

When burning, set someone else on fire by running into them.

Instruments Disorder

The Unlucky Chosen Ones

Perform 13 executions.

Fording the River Styx

Reach the half way mark of The Original or Excess Postage campaign.

Rocket Power

Kill four or more people with a single Rocket Launcher missile.

Combustible Circular Crates

Blow up 50 barrels.

Games Are Bad!

No Time to Bleed

Finish a level with less than 10 health.

Left the Building

Extinction Event

The Final Descent

Complete The Original or Excess Postage campaign.

To the Very End

Watch the entire credit sequence.

A Better Mousetrap

Kill three or more people with a single Mine explosive.

Modern Day Noah

Execute two of every hostile type.

A Brush With Death

Duck under 10 rockets.

Smells Like Victory

Kill 30 people with the Napalm Launcher.

Knee Deep in the Dead

Complete The Original or Excess Postage campaign having left no survivors.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Earn a kill with every weapon.

Total Destruction

Complete all Rampage levels.

The Mad Four

Complete every level in Co-op mode.

Misunderstood Savior

Complete The Original or Excess Postage campaign having killed only hostiles.

Quick to the Slaughter

Complete The Original campaign with a total play time of 30:00 or less.

Against Impossible Odds

Complete the Excess Postage campaign in Nightmare difficulty.

Flawless Execution

Perfect all Rampage levels.