Lifestream - A Haunting Text Adventure achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Successfully break into someone's home.


Read several books.

Who You Gonna Call?

Experience a ghostly encounter.

Common Thief

Steal back your car keys.

Guardian Angel

Help out someone in need.


Fix the garden well and retrieve its contents.


Read some ancient documents and recover a sacred artifact.


Pray several times.

Natural Born Thespian

Give one amazing homily.

Ghost Whisperer

Reach out to the other side.


Discover a dark secret.

Black Out

See some stars.


Find all the clues at the scene of a crime.


Find a way past the double portcullis.

Coin Collector

Collect all three plastic coins.

Child at Heart

Reminisce about your childhood.


Face judgment.

Lost and Found

Find something you previously lost.

Journal Snoop

Find all of Randolph's journal entries.

Maze Runner

Successfully navigate the sewers.


Complete the game.

Art Lover

Thoroughly investigate a macabre painting.

Man of the Cloth

Properly administer confession without a single mistake.


Achieve a final score of at least 700.

The Next Beethoven

Tune up your piano playing skills.

Master Adventurer

Use no hints in a single playthrough.

Glutton for Punishment

Get every possible "game over" in a single playthrough.

Master Alchemist

Create the proper potion on the first try.

Party Pooper

Turn down a social invitation.

Clockwork Ballerina

Showcase your love of music boxes.