Aragami achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 51 unknown)

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Complete Chapter 1


Find a Scroll

Just the wind

Obtain a ‘Yurei’ medal

The first step

Unlock a Skill


Perform 100 Shadow Leaps

The Call of Shadows

Complete Chapter 2


No witnesses

Obtain a 'Oni' medal

I don't care!

Chimes of the Past

Complete Chapter 3

Lights out

Destroy a Light Orb

Fear the Aragami

Kill 100 enemies

The Shaded Woods

Complete Chapter 4


Make a guard suspicious 3 times in a row

Paint It Black

Summon 100 shadows

Aragami!? Aragami!!

The Great Lake

Completer Chapter 5

There's always a choice

Obtain a 'Kami' medal

Mausoleum of the Fallen

Complete Chapter 6

Wombo Combo

Concatenate multiple stealth kills

The Darkness

Perform your first Shadow Kill


Complete Chapter 7

Aggressive Climbing

Perform a Ledge Kill

The Old Sage

Complete Chapter 8

The Last Captain

Complete Chapter 9

Military District

Complete Chapter 10

The Sixth Talisman

Complete Chapter 11


Complete Chapter 12

Twin Souls

Complete Chapter 13

God Eater

Use 'Shinen' to swallow 3 guards at the same time

Gravity Rush

Perform an aerial kill from a 10m height

Their own medicine

Use an explosive light to kill a guard

Face Off

Get killed by an arrow while throwing a 'Kunai'


Unlock all Skills

Up and Down

Perform a Ceiling Kill

Shadow Master

Find all Scrolls

Fading Shadows

Complete Nightfall: Chapter I


Obtain all 'Yurei' medals


Obtain all 'Kami' medals

The Soul Alchemist

Complete Nightfall: Chapter II

God of Death

Obtain all 'Oni' medals

Hunting for Answers

Complete Nightfall: Chapter III

The Fall

Complete Nightfall: Chapter IV

What Was I Thinking?

Kill the Alchemist's messenger


Kill two enemies at once with the help of Twin Shadow (Single Player)

Explosive Death

Kill 4 or more enemies at once with the Explosive Kunai

I Bring You Darkness

Blind 4 or more enemies with a Shadow Grenade


Obtain all “Yurei” medals in “Nightfall”


Obtain all “Kami” medals in “Nightfall”

The Shadows Remember

Recover all Nisshoku katanas


Obtain all “Oni” medals in “Nightfall”