Microsoft Bingo achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Jet Lag

You have endured five numbers that cannot be daubed, called in a row during a match.

Daub Stamper

You have daubed 500 cells across multiple Bingo matches.


You have completed 25 Bingo matches.


You have completed a travel pattern during a Bingo match.

It's in the Bag

You have unlocked 50 Luggage of any type.

Star Traveler

You have spent 1,000 coins.

Frequent Flyer

You have used 50 power-ups across multiple Bingo matches.


You have fully charged your power-up bar within 10 seconds.

A Few Souvenirs

You have completed a collection.

The Dauber

You have daubed 2,000 cells across multiple Bingo matches.

First Flight

You have reached level 10.

Sight Seeker

You have completed 100 Bingo matches.

Last-Second Bingo

You have waited to call a Bingo on a card until you had filled at least four Bingo lines filled.

Corner Star

You have called 20 Bingo corners across multiple Bingo matches.


You have used 200 power-ups across multiple Bingo matches.

First Class

You have spent 10,000 coins.

Power to the People

You have completed 30 Power Bingo, across multiple Bingo matches.

Everyday Explorer

You have reached level 30.


You have completed three different collections.

Around the Globe

You have played at least one Bingo matches within every destination, in the right order.